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5-hour weather delay, the 747-8 Freighter made its maiden flight, taking off from Paine Field, Washington at 12:39 PST, and landed at 4:18 pm PST. Standby power selector: auto 3. Fuel dump system 15. PMDG 747-400/747-8 QOTS II. Title: Boeing 747-100/200 The Boeing 747 first flew in 1969, was the first wide-bodied airliner which brought affordable international air travel to the general public, and became one of the most recognisable shapes in the sky with its distinctive hump. Here&39;s what I have so far (this could be dead wrong): 1.

BoeingManual Maintenance - download. * Auto start does not monitor oil pressure and temperature. Seating on the 747-8 is in a 3-4-3 configuration with 3 rows of 2-4-2 in rows 45-47. The page date is the date of publication of the manual or the most recent revision date. This data is not suitable as a basis for performance calculations or other engineering purposes. Help Desk Software Powered by SmarterTrack Articles in PMDG 747-400/747-8 QOTS Page 7/25.

By Roy Eggink, chief engineer, 747‑8 Program, Product Development and Performance; and Paul Bateman, 747‑8 Support and Services Senior manager, commercial aviation Services The 747‑8F is scheduled to enter service. Master battery switch: on 2. Fuel system indicators 11. Any questions about the content or use of this manual can be.

APU selector: Start then on 4. See more videos for 747-8 Manual Start. 74) is a Microsoft Flight Simulator mod created by KAiRi. Officially announced in, the 747-8 is the latest evolutionary variant of the Boeing 747, with lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings and improved efficiency. Just started using fs2crew for the 747-8 and I cant find out how to change the start procedure fromto autostart? Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22314. The 747-8 is externally similar to thewith a higher gross weight, longer fuselage and increased wingspan.

1800 Diagonal Rd. Boeing announced the new model had successfully completed high-speed taxi tests on Febru. Pushback and Start Taxi and Takeoff Climb and Cruise Approach and Landing Taxi In, Parking, and Shutdown Getting Started This guide will: pguide you through the standard startup, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, approach, and landing procedures for the PMDG 747. Loading a RTE via Datalink; Using the Electronic Checklist (ECL) controller: It isn&39;t stuck! 0 AIRCRAFT OPERATING MANUAL & FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER HANDBOOK This manual was compiled for use only with: PMDGQueen of the Skies simulation. xxx Fact 747-8 manual start is, my airline uses Boeing publications, that is AOM Aircraft Operating Manuals, and the FCTM Flight Crew Training Manual "as is - out of the box". Autopilot and Flight Model Reworks for Boeing 747-8i (V0.

However, only three passenger airlines actually ordered the type. Boeingpages). Includes also special data for weights, speed limitations, flap and autobrake settings. Download Manual 747 Pmdg FS2Crew: PMDG 747 QOTS II Articles in PMDG 747-400/747-8 QOTS II. The Boeing 747 is idolized around the world. 1 POWER-UP Circuit Breakers.

the tutorial just says change and nothow to do it. To take over from the Auto-brake, apply manual brakes, and use manual brakes to slow down to taxi speed (max. Pushback of one of the biggest airplanes still to be flying! Everything in one document. 25 KIAS) In case of a go-around, increase to full throttle, and confirm positive climb. Engines 1 and 2 fuel control switches 13. * Base package required, click 747-8 manual start here to purchase. I was hoping someone could provide me with a little assistance in starting the Boeing 747 manually in X-Plane 10.

best technical support for all 747-8 operators is in place right from the start. This manual is not be used for training or. When Boeing lost that contest to. and we follow the Boeing "recommended" procedures and check-lists, to the letter. Boeingonwards (all marks): An insight into owning, flying, and maintaining the iconic jumbo jet (Owners&39; Workshop Manual) Wood, Chris on Amazon. X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator | More Powerful.

In fact, what I’ll describe below is pretty much how every modern turbofan engine is started. CHECK Battery Switch. ) Navigation.

Aircraft Review : Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition by Supercritical Simulations Group There was a discussion early in that listed all the aircraft that you could fly long haul in X-Plane11. Download our Boeing 747-Series Checklist and Normal Procedures Flow - from cold & dark to power-down. 3 Chapter (Hydraulics) Page Number Section (Systems Description) Ap. User Manuals for X-Plane Products To view the PDF downloads below, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader or Preview (installed by default on all Mac computers since about ). So it&39;s no surprise that on high-volume routes the 747-8 offers premium revenue potential. Bus Tie switches: auto 5. QUEEN OF THE SKIES II EXPANSION PACKAGE. Aircraft Operating Manual REVISION 1.

com Operation manual of PMDG Boeing 747-400. ” These manuals are developed for each airline individually in consultation with the manufacturer. Uss george washington (16 pages) Toy REVELL Sd.

Note: During or after engine start if there is an alert message then do the respective non-normal checklist and check the DDG (on ground). For Your Computer X-Plane 11: Read Online (Full PDFs also available in German, French, and Spanish, or a Japanese or Chinese Quick Start guide. The 747-8&39;s first engine runs were completed in December. Articles in PMDG 747-400/747-8 QOTS II.

Engines 3 and 4 fuel control switches 14. Korean AirHNL-ICNReg: HL7632 SeptemFollow me on Instagram That depends upon what you mean by “start”, but if you are just curious about cranking the engines, then that is ridiculously quick and easy. Toy REVELL 7820 Quick Start Manual.

provide an illustrated guide to the major systems and controls of the 747. The Real 747-8 The passenger version, named 747-8 Intercontinental or 747-8I, was formally launched on Novem, by Boeing. Electrical pump 9.

Note: Figures in this manual are to be used for training purposes only. Read OnlineManual X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator | More Powerful. 747-8 Introduction Support A reality in today’s dynamic aviation industry.

Lufthansa placed the largest Boeing 747-8 order. In, a major redesign of the 747 (the 747-8) was launched that draws on technology from Boeing’s 787 model, which means the final chapter in the 747 story has yet to be written. The 747‑8 offers a number of operational improvements while preserving key commonalities with the 747‑400.

However, as the industry trends towards two-engine aircraft, orders for the Queen of the skies have slowed. It can carry up to 467 passengers in a typical three-class configuration over 8,000 nautical miles/14,816 kilometers, at Mach 0. Boeing 747 pilot and author Chris Wood sets his gaze on theversion and lifts the inspection panels on this most numerous of all 747 models. Fuel pump control switches. The PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II - Expansion Package for the PMDGQueen of the Skies II and Prepar3D. It is the responsibility of the individual airline to determine applicability of this manual to its operation.

number is composed of the general 747 operations manual number, D6-30151–, and is followed by the manual-specific extension. The aircraft originated with the USAF contest for the large transport aircraft which became the C-5 Galaxy. Fuel quantity indicators 12. The information contained within this manual is derived from multiple sources, and is not subject to revision.

com Boeing 747-8 Mechanical/Avionics (B1/B2) Differences, EASA Part 66 This course addresses the differences between the 747-8 Intercontinental and thePassenger airplanes. 7/2 Assembly Manual (12 pages) Toy REVELL 03999 Manual. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Offering a complete portfolio of aircraft maintenance, engine and component services, Lufthansa Technik is the partner of choice for supporting the 747-8. Hydraulic control switches 10. CHECKLIST – NORMAL PROCEDURES 1.

747: 747-8 Ground Wireless System (215 KB) Brochure-November : 747-8 / 747-8F (8. The best seats, in this case, will be side rows 45-47 because there are only 2 seats per side. The 747-8 is the latest derivative of the 747 family of airplanes and is offered in both Freighter and Passenger versions.

When you added it all up the list was not great, in 747-8 manual start fact for a leading simulator you could even call it deplorable and that was with just cause. Thanks /Niklas 747-8 manual start Eriksson. There is actually not any "start order" that the 747 has to follow. The First Class and Business Class sections of the 747-8 enable airlines to offer passengers the most private and premium accommodations in the sky. With a maximum take-off weight of 970,000 lb (440,000 kg), the 747-8 will be the heaviest aircraft, commercial or military, to be manufactured in the United States.

The 747-8 Freighter retains the 747-400F nose cargo door, continuing the capability to easily load outsized. About PMDG Simulations LLC PMDG Simulations, LLC. Engine start switches 7. The economy seat size of the 747-8 is the same as the 747-4, only instead of 272 seats, there are 244 seats. Photo: Lufthansa. The 747, like all transport-category aircraft, comes with a number of manuals, none of which is really an “owner’s manual. Download for free to enhance your experience in MSFS. Boeing’s latest iteration of the Boeing 747 is the 747-8.

Normal brake source select 8. Do the ABORTED ENGINE START checklist if there is no oil pressure indication after the EGT increases. The ultimate simulation of the Boeing&39;s latest iteration of the world&39;s most recognizable airliner is finally here!

747-8 manual start

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